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NOTE: if you are a potential attendee at the Victoria 2017 ANWG conference, there is a further information page about looms. Please visit THIS page of my website for more information about what you need for the Mobile Tapestry Weaver workshop. http://www.rebeccamezoff.com/anwg

I am not currently selling Hokett looms and tools. There are many great places you can purchase them including these:

Jessica Ostrow: Weaving Rainbow

The Weaver's Loft


The Woolery

Jim Hokett: use this email address hokettwouldwork@gmail.com

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of the book about my Petrified Forest Tapestries from the Lyndon House show in Georgia, please email me at hello@rebeccamezoff.com and I will let you know when they are ready (any day!). There will be a link here soon for purchase directly from the publisher.

7 x 7 inch soft cover book

Tapestries for sale are currently on my portfolio page. Click on each tapestry for more information. If it is for sale, there is a price noted as you hover over the photo with your mouse. I will soon be adding a separate page under Portfolio with only tapestries that are for sale.

Greeting cards

I have partnered with Molly McNeece to produce an adorable book about tapestry weaving with her wonderful illustrations. That book isn't ready yet, but we are selling some of her illustrations in greeting card format. These are small-size cards, 4 x 6 inches printed from larger pen and ink/watercolor illustrations. They come in a cello card envelope and are blank inside.

$3 each or 2 for $5

Other items

Snipes tapestry beaters

1 inch width. $15

1.5 inch width.  $20

These beaters are excellent for larger looms. They work just fine on Mirrix looms or any sort of upright tapestry loom. Al is a master craftsman who has been making these beaters for decades. 


  • I accept checks but I won't ship until the check arrives unless you have ordered from me before. I also accept PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account to order with PayPal. It is simply a credit card processor.
  • I do have to charge you tax if you live in Colorado.
  • I do ship internationally, but please be advised that customs fees may be charged when the item arrives at your post office. I ship USPS First Class International. If you want me to send your box USPS International Priority mail, I can do that, but the shipping cost is roughly double. Shipping USPS First Class International is currently about $23 USD to the UK for small orders.
  • If you live in the UK, The Handweavers Studio and Gallery might carry Hokett looms. Recently they don't seem to have them, but please check! They also carry Mirrix looms.