I sent you an email. Why haven’t I heard back from you?

Dearhearts, my email inbox is a complete and utter train wreck. I have tried every trick to keep it from overwhelming my life and one of the things I do is insist that you ask questions related to online classes in the online class. If you are an online student and you emailed me something about course content, your email is probably languishing in the folder that is labeled “Answer today.” Eventually today will come, but clearly it isn’t right now.

If you are replying to my feedback on a submit step, you are correct that Pathwright does not currently allow threaded discussion on those pages. Please just open a discussion question on that page and reply to me there. It is immensely helpful if you put your photo in that question. Remember that I get flooded with questions and photos every day and it is unlikely I will remember a photo you sent me a day or more ago.

If you need help with how to put a photo in a discussion question, please see the technology troubleshooting page in this FAQ section.

Rebecca’s schedule

I answer questions within 24 hours on weekdays in the USA most of the time. If you haven’t heard from me, you can check the News page of the website where I post times I will be away from the internet. You can guess I won’t answer questions on holidays in the USA and there is usually some time in the summer that I’m off the grid hiking.


If you use a Comcast email address and you're emailing me but aren't getting a response, I'm answering but you're not getting my email. There is a known problem between Comcast and Gmail. I will only answer questions from a Comcast account once... and I might send a test email before spending time typing a whole response. If you didn't get a reply to your inquiry, please check your spam filter, but in my experience, the emails just never reach you at all. If you use a Comcast email address, please use an alternative email address to contact me if at all possible. Gmail is nice. (And maybe complain to Comcast about this widespread problem! There are probably lots of other emails you’re not getting.)

Course questions are not affected.