I teach workshops and retreats throughout North America. See the schedule below for my live appearances.

I also lecture and teach remotely for guilds and other interested groups. If you'd like to have me present to your group over the internet including a live call with a Q&A session, click the button below for what I am currently offering in this format.

Workshop schedule


Phoebe McAfee, 2017 ANWG workshop student, finished piece

I will not be teaching any guild classes in 2018. I am taking a break from this kind of teaching to focus on my online students as well as weaving a large commission (follow that adventure on my blog!) See the button above if you'd like to have me teach or lecture for you remotely.


YarnFest, Loveland, CO. April 12-15, 2018

I'll be teaching two one-day classes:

  1. Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms on Thursday April 12 (class is FULL)

  2. Tapestry Answers: Is tapestry weaving for me? on Friday April 13 (As of March 22, there were still openings in this class!)


I am moving more and more to hosting my own retreats instead of teaching for guilds or conferences. So if you'd like to work with me in person, take a look at my retreat page HERE.

Upcoming retreats are:

Vermont 2018: Foundations Retreat, May 17-21, 2018
Colorado 2018: The design challenge. How do you know what to weave if you don't have an art background?



Taos, N.M., Mabel Dodge Luhan House, January 24-28, 2019.

Details are HERE.

What happens in a tapestry retreat?

One of my goals as a tapestry instructor is to create learning opportunities that best encourage students to continue learning and improving their skills. I offer several tapestry retreats a year. For details of past retreats, see the links below.

Vermont 2016: A masterclass in color and design.

Vermont 2017:  Line it up!

Colorado 2017: Building a new practice of creating: drawing inspiration from your surroundings.

Color wheel fun at the Vermont 2016 retreat

Color wheel fun at the Vermont 2016 retreat


Betsy Szymanski, piece from online Warp and Weft class

Betsy Szymanski, piece from online Warp and Weft class

Robbie LaFleur wrote two blog posts about the Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry workshop I taught in Minneapolis in March of 2016: 

Rebecca Mezoff's tapestry workshop: Variety was the theme.

The Glimakra tapestry loom, finally in action.


Molly Elkind wrote post about a class I taught in Atlanta in 2016: 

Why take a workshop?

The best part of the workshop was you—you are funny, sensitive, supportive, knowledgeable, creative, and so caring. You did an excellent job bridging the gap between beginners and intermediates—what a difficult teaching assignment. I wanted to steal you away and have you focus just on me and all my design and technique questions that is how good you are.
— Linda Giesen, tapestry artist, Mesilla Valley Weavers

Rebecca handled a vast diversity of tapestry skill levels with style and grace. No one felt left out.
Very prepared teacher to handle different levels of weaver. Very challenging lessons.
Loved this class.
What a great class!
Fantastic. I learned so many wonderful techniques. Rebecca Mezoff is a wonderful teacher.
— Comments from Las Vegas Fiber Guild after a workshop in October 2017.

Rebecca, can’t believe that a week ago I was setting up the space for your workshop! I wanted to thank you for the energy, enthusiasm and expertise that you brought to the class. A few participants, who originally just took the class because it was an inexpensive way to learn something new, are hooked! Manu wanted to keep the loom to take back to SF to work on; and Hannah who loves fiber but has never thought of herself as a weaver, said she’s almost completed the warp! Suellen, a confirmed knitter, plans on buying a loom as well. The balance of slide presentation and work time was well planned.

The evaluations were full of praise; many said that it exceeded their expectations and many had suggestions for another class: more advanced techniques, making images, shading, letter forms, color blending and gradation. People seemed to want to play around to see what they actually learned and remembered, and then wanted more advanced techniques next year.

I believe the following probably sums up what many were feeling: “Totally inspiring and uplifting way to spend two days. Thank you.”
— Wendy Regier, organizer Cavendish Tapestry Project who applied for and received grant funding for the workshop

I am so glad I had a chance to soak up all that Colorado sunshine, but it is the glow from all I learned in the workshop that warms the most. Thanks Rebecca for sharing all your expertise and providing the jump start that is so welcome. And thanks to all for the inspiring enthusiasm and wonderful atmosphere of a creative group.
— Dora Green after 2014 workshop at The Recycled Lamb in Golden, CO

After the passing of James Koehler, I felt as if I had lost my tapestry compass. An enthusiastic newcomer to weaving, I had invested in a big loom and a lot of James-dyed tapestry yarn, his “student palette”, and now the guide had gone.

Into this void stepped Rebecca Mezoff with her ebullient personality, encouraging manner and abundant knowledge of tapestry and tapestry techniques. With her guidance, I am feeling more and more confident in my ability to proceed in this complex weaving form.

My recent focus has been to learn color gradation and in this most recent workshop, to learn how to move colour around in specific shapes in this tapestry which was a study for a larger piece that I am working on at home. Rebecca assisted each of us on what we wanted to learn after first giving a presentation of various tapestry techniques and an inspiring overview of the work of many contemporary tapestry artists.

This was my 3rd class with Rebecca and once again I find in her a kindred spirit in love with this art form. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about tapestry to take her classes.
— Marilyn Martinuk, CO, USA

I thought the tapestry workshop with Rebecca was just great... I thought Rebecca did super at checking in with everyone on an individual basis to help them with their specific questions and levels of ability.

The area where I felt that I really learned some things was in the topic of design. I’m a more realistic tapestry weaver in that I like to do landscapes and subjects in quite a bit of detail. She gave me a process to utilize the shapes/symbols within a project and rearrange them for balance, symmetry, perspective, etc. but still allowing me to stay true to the realistic aspects of the “scene.”
— Sherry P., CO, USA

The workshop provided me with three amazing days among creative, knowledgeable and supportive people, full of inspiring colors and designs. All of this made me wish that we could continue together for many more days, allowing me to practice and learn many more of those skills that good tapestry weaving requires.

Given that Rebecca’s instruction was on an as needed, individualized basis, I learned a lot and never felt out of place as the beginner that I am. So, for me, the workshop could not have been better, leaving me determined to keep practicing the skills I learned, attempting to acquire new ones and hoping that more workshops like the one we had will become available in the future.
— Ute Conly, CO, USA